RouteMate locative app | 2014

location based mystery tour using the RouteMate app | designer | project management | researcher

Designed the RouteMate4 – MysteryPubs, ITAG2014 an accessible Location Based Nottingham Guide (commissioned by Nottingham Trent University) based on the RouteMate app of the European Project RECALL (Nov 2009 – Oct 2012).

RECALL (EU KA ICT) aimed to combine location-based services with games-based learning to promote route learning by means of rehearsing, reflecting and reinforcing the routes. Initial development was carried out for the Android platform. RouteMate – the route training software for Android devices and the console for desktop route creation, was designed, combining game based learning elements in the design of the application as well as in the actual process of route learning. The main goal was to control the learning curve as well as scaffold the learning of new routes and ultimately independent travel to work and educational opportunities.