Spy @ the Sheep Museum | 2014

museum video game | game designer, producer | Pastoral Life Art Exhibition | 2013- 2014 | co-designed with Andreas Papadopoulos

Be a wolf spy at the Sheep Museum and take photos of all the exhibits! Beware, Mr Watchdog and sheep / art aficionados are all around… Can you trace and photograph the valuable artefacts and remain discreet, while being a wolf among the sheep?

A video game that accompanied the “Pastoral Life” Art exhibition in different museums around Europe. Aimed to construct & keep both a memorial and a learning initiative connected with pastoral life heritage. The players immerse themselves into the exhibition, learn about the artistic value of the exhibits while having fun disguised as a villain whose mission is to capture photos of the artwork, discreetly but successfully.

The game was accompanied by educational material and a location based mobile game.

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