LabourGames Jam | December 2016

game jam on games and labour | organiser & curator | Goethe Institute Athens

Athens Labour Game Jam took place on the 15th and 16th of January in the friendly premises of Goethe Institut in Athens. Experienced game design teams, individual creators and experts, combined their efforts during initial brainstorming, game design and playtesting. More than 45 game jammers, experts and artists were present during these two days of discussions, games and creativity that lead into 7 digital games and 6 board games and physical games and many plans for future collaborations. Games that explored the critical aspect of the medium regarding labour conditions and the future of labour, training games that included playfulness in the work environment, as well as party labour games that evoked interesting discussions and lots of laughter. In the process we were supported by experts on game design, gamification, labour and HR executives, students of communication and political sciences as well as artists and academics.

Among the participants and game jammers we had the joy to welcome people from:

  •  Shedia, a Greek street paper that, like The Big Issue, that offers those with few alternatives a way of earning a legitimate income and Subsumption group
  • Athens Subsumption, a multidisciplinary group of scholars, artists and architects assembled in Athens in November 2014. Their aim is to trace the subsumption of place to reflect on the possibilities, stakes, and potential commons that may emerge by shifting the terrains of systemic financialized logics. The collective is co-building a generative practice of geographic interventions and interactions that are both playful and revealing.
  • Game Tree, Human Resource Learning & Development Team. Game Tree provides an extraordinary training experience through playful exercises. Design, Delivery and Evaluation of soft/social skills training programmes: corporate training, open seminars, outdoor training, awarded Train the Trainer programmes and Business/Executive/Career Coaching.